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Closed Feature: View Panes [16567]

Problem: Edit dialogs are bulky.
Fix: Implement view panes, allowing us much more flexibility for layout. Implemented collapsible panes so we can minimize panes we don't want. First pass of collapsible panes is in the hex editor.
Problem: Quickstart - make nickname cache dialog use collapsible panes
Fix: Done
Problem: Stream Editor needs sprucing up.
Fix: Add collapsible panes, new smart view pane
Problem: SmartView panes ought to self collapse when there's nothing to display.
Fix: Track if we have data and report 0 variable lines when we have no data.
Problem: View Panes could use some color
Fix: Add color to view pane headers
Problem: Collapsible View Panes without labels don't get full blue bar
Fix: Show the empty label
Problem: Collapse should use whole background
Fix: Expand collapse button to full width, fix how triangle is drawn so it stays left, merge all button and label code back to ViewPane
Problem: Property Editor needs a configurable smart view pane
Fix: Update all panes in property editor to be collapsible, use the smart view pane, hook up plumbing to allow selection of different parsers
Problem: Multivalue Binary needs the smartview upgrade
Fix: Do it
Problem: Property Editor needs collapse in PT_STRING8/PT_UNICODE
Fix: Add it
Problem: PT_LONG, PT_I8, PT_I2 need the smartview upgrade
Fix: Do it
Problem: Remove redundant SmartView parse option
Fix: This option is now redundant. Property Editor and Stream Editor both allow selection of smart view parsing. Cut this code.
Comments: Fixed in December 2013 Release

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