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Commented Unassigned: MFCMAPI Programming Interfaces & Frameworks [16660]

Application programming interfaces and frameworks are Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)
Active Template Library (ATL)
Base Class Library (BCL)
Object Windows Library (OWL)
Standard Template Library (STL)
Visual Component Library (VCL)
Windows Template Library (WTL)
Text Object Model (TOM)

Deprecated[edit]Active Scripting
Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server
Dynamic Data Exchange
Older data access technologies
Microsoft Jet Database Engine
Data object
Data Access Objects (DAO)
Remote Data Objects (RDO)
Remote Data Services (RDS)
Setup API
Windows API's old versions: Win16, Win32s

Current[edit]Component Model
Component Object Model (COM)
Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), including: OLE DB
Cryptographic API (CAPICOM)
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
Collaboration Data Objects (CDO);
XACT (Cross-platform Audio Creation Tool)
XAudio 2
Media Foundation (Windows Vista / Windows 7)
Graphics Device Interface (GDI) and GDI+
Application Programming Interface (API)
Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)
Remote Application Programming Interface (RAPI)
Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI)
Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)
Extensible Storage Engine (Jet Blue)
Object linking and embedding (OLE)
OLE Automation
Uniscribe (see Template:Microsoft APIs section: Software Factories)
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
Win32 console
Windows API's current versions: Win32, Win64

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

.NET Framework
Remoting, Assemblies, Metadata
Common Language Runtime, Common Type System, Global Assembly Cache, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Windows Forms
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Windows CardSpace (WCS)
Windows PowerShell
Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Text Services Framework
Windows Driver Model
Windows Driver Foundation
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