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New Post: How to Use MAPI restore the email form the exchange backup database?

Hi SGriffin,

Thanks for your reply.
Could you tell me what I need do that  "put it back into Exchange and get it into a mailbox you can point a profile at:

I Know that when I want View the PST file . I could do this:

       use  CreateProfile() create a profile.
      SPropValue       spv;
     spv.ulPropTag = PR_PST_PATH;
    spv.Value.lpszA = (LPSTR)lpPstfile;
    hr = pMsgSvcAdmin->ConfigureMsgService((LPMAPIUID)pRowset->aRow[pRowset->cRows-1].lpProps[iSvcUID].Value.bin.lpb, 0,0,1,&spv);
but I don't Know what I should do with the exchang database(EG: Mailbox Database 1117657611.edb) file.

Please kindly help.

many thanks!!!!!!!

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